Double Standards: It Has to Stop

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How many of you are sick of double standards? You know, those unspoken, societal “rules” that insist that it’s okay for one person to do one thing, but not the other? Well today we are going to talk about the double standard in relation to women and men.

Real men don’t cry! Man up!

You haven’t had a man in  along time: it’s time for you to settle down and have some kids! Be a mom!

That Jeremy dude was suck a skeez- he asked to see up my skirt-really!-so I slapped the shit out of him!

Girls shouldn’t poop or fart.

Sound familiar?

The most frustrating thing about gender roles is that if one deviates outside of them, they become subject to ridicule as they do not fit the traditional norm. Why can’t a man show emotion? Why can’t a man decide he’s not interested in sexual relationships, even for a moment, and not get flack? Why is it unacceptable in society for women to have multiple sex partners? And why is it “okay” to hit men, but not women?

The answer: it’s not.

Instead of focusing on the gender, we should be focusing on human beings as a whole.  You should hold the door open not because she’s a woman, but because it’s fucking common courtesy to hold the door open for the person behind you so that it doesn’t swing closed in their face.  Men should be allowed to show emotion-because, um,-their human beings, and whether they admit it or not, they often have intense emotions that do not go expressed because of seeming “weak” or “unmanly”.

Let’s get this straight, ladies- simply because he’s a man does NOT give you a right to hit him or harm him. Do you understand? Contrary to the media, to movies, to books, where women often go slapping around pigs, throwing shoes and plates at them- it is another UNACCEPTABLE double standard.

NO ONE has a right to put their hands on ANYONE, and anyone who does should expect a hit back, man or woman. I dont adhere to gender roles that say that women are delicate flowers so you shouldn’t go around hitting them- you shouldn’t go around slapping ANYBODY and expect not to get hit back. Period.

Men should not have to take women slapping them around, and usually, when men are subject to domestic violence, they often have objects thrown at them instead of being punched, kicked, or hit.  Men are HUMAN, they experience pain whether they will admit it or not, and people need to show some respect- no matter how angry you are, you don’t get a chance to go slapping people whenever you feel like it.

Women don’t poop or fart? Women are human. We have bacteria that breaks down the food in our bodies and often produces gas a byproduct. This saying comes from the notion that women should look and act attractive and not display any “inappropriate” behavior. It’s bullshit, as I’m sure you understand.

While it seems that men are almost expected to have multiple sexual partners or fantasize about other women, it’s taboo for women to have more than one. Women are taught that sex should be had only when in a committed relationship. We are taught from a young age to honor our “virginity”, while men are almost told to throw the damn thing out at the latest opportunity.

How many words do we have for a “loose” woman, as compared to an equally “loose” man? Slut, whore,  Jezabel. All insults. Look at the common ones for men- playa’ stallion, ect.- almost compliments.

Women are human beings,  and if someone desires to have multiple sexual partners, they have the right, because what goes on on the bedroom should be no one else’s concern.

Well, I’m worn out for the morning- I’ll probably post later. Let my angry words seep into your brain for the rest of the morning.

On another note- when I meant that women are not delicate flowers so you shouldn’t go around slapping them, I meant that I believe women and men should be equal, and if someone puts their hands on anyone, they should not expect to get away with it. I’m not advocating abuse of any kind here.


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