I Am Not Wiccan: Please Stop Forcing Your Three-Fold Law on Me

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Time and time again, I have read a book, an article, a website, that ushers me to heed the Three Fold Law. As a non-Wiccan pagan, I am honestly sick of yet ANOTHER religion forcing it’s beliefs on me.

“Force, you say? No member of the Pagan community would ever force their opinions or beliefs on you! And yet it happens every time I read a book, regardless of if the subject at hand is Wiccan or not. The Hoodoo Voodoo Spellbook for example, which by all means should be a book on Hoodoo and have relativly little to do with Wicca, ensures me that I should remember the Three Fold Law- everything that is sent into the universe comes back to you Three-Fold.

I.Am.Not.Wiccan. I do not believe in the Three-Fold law. I have gone through a lot of various experiences in my life, and I simply cannot believe that such a thing exists. You may say that those suffering now may be so because of a past life and they are now reincarnating in order to learn lessons . That is what you believe, and does not necessarily translate into fact. For a wonderful example, lets look at the Christianity and Hell- how many Christians believe in hell, and assure various peoples of all races and and religions that they are destined for that burning hole beneath the Earth? As a Pagan, you would say “That’s your belief, stop forcing it on others”

“That’s your belief, stop forcing it on others”

Yes, I practice hexes and curses within my own wisdom. It is not for someone else to try to dictate to me my own spiritual path and how to live it. Your beliefs do not trump mine, and neither do your opinions override my own wisdom. Please practice what you preach, and stop forcing your beliefs on me. Have a nice day.


5 thoughts on “I Am Not Wiccan: Please Stop Forcing Your Three-Fold Law on Me

    CanaryTheFirst said:
    October 7, 2013 at 2:33 am

    I always felt like the three-fold-law was yet another variation on the idea of actions having consequences – similar to the belief in Karma, the Christian Hell, and the secular saying “what goes around, comes around.” Sure, it can get taken to a kind of absurd extreme if you interpret is as meaning that all bad things are just things you deserve coming around.

    The golden rule is an alternative I’ve felt often works when used alongside Kant’s “Would everything be okay if everyone else acted this way?”

      iistrawberrychanii responded:
      October 7, 2013 at 3:16 am

      Yeah, there are multiple ways to consider the Three Fold Law- I do believe that every action has consequences, either seen or not. Thats why I spend far more time thinking about other, more productive ways to solve my problems than simply picking fights.

    Larissa Lee said:
    October 7, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    If you read a Christian site, you expect to be told that sins lead to Hell and repentance leads to Heaven. Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your resources? Generally, most pagan paths have accepted the concept of the Three-fold Law, karma, or other versions of the same “you get what you give” ethic. That said, you can’t really be upset if you’re looking at mixed-path sites or books and finding that general ethic stated.

    “When, Why, If” by Robin Wood is a great example of a pagan book on ethics that doesn’t adhere to the traditional ethical structure of paganism at large. She explains personal ethics (i.e. I might find it acceptable to hex someone who’s stolen my laptop, while another person might only contact the cops and wait for karma to do its thing, and neither of us are wrong).

    While it’s frustrating to see a belief you don’t hold everywhere you look, you have to remember that you’ve chosen a path that’s connected to paganism. You can either avoid pagan writings completely (sticking to experiential lessons) or ignore what doesn’t fit (like the rest of us). If anything, you have the opportunity to learn mental flexibility by working around and with the frameworks provided, such as rewriting a ritual to fit your path or taking from a book only the information that resonates with your path.

      iistrawberrychanii responded:
      October 10, 2013 at 2:43 pm

      According to many Christians, people who do not believe in the God of the Bible are going to hell. My problem isn’t necessarily that I don;t want morals, my problem is that I feel like Wiccan beliefs are being forced onto me because I am a Pagan, despite the fact that Paganism is a diverse group of beliefs and practices. It just bothers me that every non-Wiccan book still speaks about the Three Fold Law as if it isn’t a belief that stems from a particular religion.

      I do believe i morals and common sense, but I don’t believe in the Three Fold Law or laws of Karma. I don’t think that makes me some big, bad boogie man though or that I’m abusing magic, because I believe that magic exists for those who are in need of it.

        Larissa Lee said:
        October 10, 2013 at 3:09 pm

        I agree with you, as I believe that personal ethics are far weightier than imposed ethics like the Threefold Law.

        I was simply pointing out that mainstream paganism essentially is Wicca or Wicca-washed “Other Paganism”. People, having grown up around Christianity in the US especially, love the idea of an ethical structure preventing scary people from just using magic left and right as they see fit.

        It’s the Christian residue, which you find in pagans who refuse to do anything resembling “harm” or control of another person in any spellwork; they’re still mared in their past experiences. Meanwhile, people like myself (raised by an atheist and agnostic) have no residual morality; I’ve developed a personal barometer of acceptable behavior, which often fails to fully adhere to mainstream Wiccan ethics.

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