Scribd is Copyright Infringement Central

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In case there are those who do not not no what Scribd is, it is a website where users may upload almost any document, book, or text. Users can decide on whether or not other users can download the content or simply read online. 

If I type in “Wicca” on Scribd, I will get every book by Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland. Seriously. Free to download to the masses. While Scribd’s policy dictates that a user may only publish they’re own content, obviously, like Frostwire, many users do not. 

I, by the way, am no exception to the rule.

Once the website takes down a page (usually after an author complains- A Witch’s Beverages and Brews by Patricia Telesco was only recently taken down after weeks or months of being up- the site has an automatic scanner that can tell if one banned document is being uploaded again, and will be removed. Too many copyright infringements will lead to banning of the website.

Copyright infringement aside, it’s a great website to find material, especially old documents and books. Some users take entire websites and turn them into pdf’s so that others can have and read them offline.

I would recommend Scribd, but recently its started to really cater to publishers (maybe to make up for all the pirated books it’s users have uploaded?), and that means tons and tons of advertisements. It’s sad actually. I recommend checking the site out for yourself. What do you think about it?


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