A Message for Women

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Dear Women,

Everyday, I here women all across the U.S. fret about their looks. Whether it be that their hair is too short, too thin, too curly or too “normal”. I see them twist and turn in the mirror, their worried thoughts, “How do I make these lumps, those dimples, those jiggly parts disappear?”

Women, young women, let me tell you of your beauty, beauty that has been changed, altered, or misused against us.

Your hair-be it soft as silk or coarse or curly-frames your face, your lips a promise of soft kisses before tumbling head first in passion. Your thighs cradle your lover in warmth and comfort, reminding them of the simple pleasure of being close to a woman.

Your body curves, hips flaring, breasts soft, with pink or brown of red nipples puckered in cold or pleasure, feed a child or snuggle one to your bosom, falling into lover’s hands like ripe fruit.

Your arms pull loved ones close and hold them, your bosom quivering under your rapidly increasing heartbeat, all the while your lovers passion expresses itself in kisses trailed down to the soft lips between your legs, your arousal like honey, tasted, licked, and savored.

Do not shame yourself, your body, be it delicate and fine, rich and curvy, heavy, sturdy,or strongly rooted. See your self from your lover’s eyes which fall upon you in wonder as you remove your clothes, taste their anticipation and desire, be they man or woman.

See the fire in your eyes when you gaze in the mirror, the uniqueness which is yours and yours alone- cherish it, like a small child with secret- remember your childhood, your playfulness, and walk strong and proud among the leering gazes, whispered comments.

Embrace your inner passion, your desire, your sexuality. Wear a hip scarf, decorated with shells or coins or beads, framing your hips, honor your feminine nature.

Show the world that being a woman is not simply about your biological “destiny”- explore the arts, create with your hands, go into nature or look up at the stars and understand the sheer magnitude of the Universe.

You are crafted in beauty, no matter your shape, be it thin or thick, whether your skin is the softest cream or the darkest, sheer black. Whether your breasts are small and perky or full and heavy. Embrace your beauty, your uniqueness, your fire, your passion. Go out into the world, and create.


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