No, I Will Not Listen to Rap Just Because I Am Black, Sorry

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I am African American.

And I do not like rap music.

Contrary to popular opinion, I do not listen to it in the car. I roll my eyes whenever anyone around me listens to it, and I hate going to events where it is played.

Rap, as it was, used to be about struggle, about hardship, about the deeds done after driven by poverty. It was about the struggle of African Americans to attain a better life as a message from those who had made it to the ones who didn’t-to the ones that died- to say, “You made me who I am. I haven’t forgotten about you.”

Now, I believe it has changed.

I do not want to hear music that went from the struggles of blacks to music about objectifying women, senseless violence, drugs, and money. Do not look at me crazy because I do not know the names of rappers or listen to the radio.

I will not treat music that berates, objectifies, exotifies women and other cultural minorities as if it is normal and acceptable. I will not listen to music that speaks of women as if they are something to be used and then thrown out for a new one, or music that treats other minorities as exotic bedroom treats.

I will not listen to music that insists that women can be bought out, that out bodies are the playthings of men.

Let me state that not all rap music is this way, however the vast majority of the genre tends to be. I do not like it, I will not enjoy it- now let me do just that, and stop blaring your preferred musical preference in every public place. Because I can almost  guarantee you don’t want me to blast Bring Me the Horizon.


3 thoughts on “No, I Will Not Listen to Rap Just Because I Am Black, Sorry

    kipekeenanzuri said:
    November 21, 2013 at 4:43 am

    Oh yes, I definitely understand your frustration. “Rap” has gone from true poetic music to “gettin money” and “f*&#in a bad B*@ch”. But I think you made the mistake of filing it all under one category. Rap has several different levels. And even though you chose to state that not all rap is bad, I feel you have failed to understand what and why. There still are good artists and music out there that represent lyrical talent and with a real meaning and message. I also believe you made the mistake of stereotyping yourself. In another post you mentioned how you hate stereotypes and I agree. But the fact that you acknowledge it in your title and your first line portrays yourself as agreeing with it. I’m sure that’s not your case and from reading your work, I think I know your feelings on the subject well enough to be sure of that. However, you put yourself in that bubble. I do not believe that because one is black they must be in to rap. Especially if you refer to the many other members of different races that are considered rappers.

    Besides that, I love the way this is worded.

      iistrawberrychanii responded:
      November 21, 2013 at 4:55 am

      Yeah- I’m sorry if I made it seem as if I’m portraying stereotypes or lumping all rap music together- I know that it is a common tactic for people to look at rap music as the only problematic, sexist/misogynist music- and that simply isn’t true. The rap I was referring to are the particular songs which have overwhelmingly misogynist themes- as I know that not all rappers have all the same type of songs.

      By saying that because I am black I don’t have to listen to rap music, I’m more referring to the stereotypes many black people choose to slap on me- I’ve had people tell me that I wasn’t black because I didn’t listen to rap! As if my musical choices somehow override my race. I should have been more careful in my wording, so as not to have made it seem as if all of rap music is like this.

      Thank you!

        kipekeenanzuri said:
        November 21, 2013 at 4:57 am

        Now whoever said that to you needs slapped, and hard. lol. And it’s okay. No need to feel sorry. Thank you for the clarification.

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