Don’t Hold Back- Say It!

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I’m sure many of you reading this have thought about it. Someone says something racist, sexist, or prejudice- and there’s that moment where you’re not sure if you should point it out.

Point it out.

Flipping through YouTube, I find racist comments everywhere. As soon as I hit the ‘reply’ button, I hesitate. Should I really start a conversation here? What will people say in response?

I no longer care. What can they call me?

Bitch? Whore? Slut?Nigger?

They’re all futile insults, meant to stifle you, you’re voice. They want you to sit down, shut up, and know you’re imaginary place.

I won’t.

For most of my early life, I allowed myself to be bullied into silence.

I won’t let it happen again.

So the next time you stop by, say, YouTube comments that some off as racist or sexist (or both!) Stop! You don;t have to engage in a super long, two week argument- simply stop and say:

That’t not right: many painful stereotypes exist about women that continue to be detrimental to their well being. Then maybe provide examples or something.

I don’t mean to say that words cannot harm people- because I know they can. In your mind, just imagine your voice teamed with many other people’s. Imagine what a difference that would make.


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