Dear White Feminists: If You Know That You Should Say Something About Race, Then Say Something About It

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Nothing is more frustrating than having someone leave a comment on my blog telling me how they know that “xyz issue is a problem, and that yeah, you’re right, more people should speak about it!” and then not say anything about it themselves.

Then say something.

If you understand the intersection of race and feminism, than why don’t you blog about it? Why don’t you speak up, speak out, and attempt to create change?

It only seems to reinforce the idea that racial feminist issues are “not your problem” or the idea that race does not belong in feminism.

Because it is a problem, and it does belong in feminism. 

The reason many Black feminists (and other feminists of Color) decide to identify as Womanist instead is because they have a unique set of issues and problems that are rarely addressed in the mainstream feminist community. As long as white feminists continue applauding things that harm women of color,  while then ignoring other issues that are important to address.

Get. It. Together.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t any white feminists that tackle both race and woman’s issues, but it is not a universal thing. It is less common to see a white feminist tackle issues pertaining to PoC than to do so. 

If you really want to fight for equality for all women, then you need to address issues that apply to ALL women, not just white women.


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