Websites and Blogs for People of Color!

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Hello again my dears- here I will begin the stock piling of sources for those of you interested in sources that cater to the experiences of PoC.

On another note, let me define what I mean by PoC. In some cases, I use it for shorthand to mean Pagans of Color, to which I usually will put in brackets for understanding.

People of Color does not mean just Black people- it also extends to Asians- Laotian, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean- Latin Americans, people of Middle Eastern decent-

You get the picture.

The idea is to have multiple resources for those who come from different cultural backgrounds, so I have compiled all of these links together for your enjoyment! This page will continue to be updated as time does on.


This website details the intersection between race and popular culture, and is very inclusive. There is a focus on not just African American PoC, but also Asian Americans, Native Americans, and other PoC.

Angry Asian Man

A blog that caters to a wide variety of issues facing Asians and Asian Americans, including not only racial issues, but media, music, and other blogs. Read it.

Gradient Lair

Here you will find articles written by and for African American women. Beautiful and inspiring artwork, essays, and thoughtful disscusions provide a safe place for African American WoC (Women of Color) to express themselves and discuss race. 


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