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Hello there lovelies!

I know I said I would get around to creating this list, but I’ve been busy with (insert excuse here)

So tonight I thought that I would at least start a list of my favorite non-Eurocentric pagan books. I feel as if this is highly important, because so so so so sooo many books on the modern Pagan market a) do not address-nor where they made with the consideration of-PoC and b) do not mention non-European spiritualites or deities, or if they do, they are often in some sort of appropriating way. So tonight I’m going to be compiling a list of non-Eurocentric books for the PoC interested in practices, beliefs, cultures, and deities of other non-European cultures.

For the record, I am only posting those books in which I am able to say are good and worth reading. All of these books I own in a digital format.  I am also in the process of reading them.


The Lunar Tao: Meditations in Harmony with the Seasons by Deng Ming-Dao

This is one of my favorite books. I have not finished reading it, however it is so good and insightful, I recommend to anyone who is looking for a natural, earth based path.  This book is rich with Chinese culture, and is the perfect example of how other cultures revere the natural cycle- and the moon. This is Taoism at it’s finest- if you are interested in Taoism, please look no further than this book. 


The Living I Ching: Using Ancient Chinese Wisdom to Shape Your Life by: Deng Ming Dao

Too many times have I seen the I Ching approprtiated by Pagans who want to learn a new form of divination without understanding Chinese culture. If you want to learn about this beautiful, poetic, and complex form of Chinese wisdom, I highly recommend this book.


A Healing Grove: African Tree Remedies and Rituals for Body and Spirit by Stephanie Rose Bird

This is one of my favorite pagan books. As an African American pagan, this book has been such a learning experience. Not only does the author explain and differentiate between the different tribes and countries in Africa (Unlike most Pagan books), she also provides amazing information on the wide variety of trees and healing plants, as well as how you can live as an African-inspired herbalist.  A wonderful book for anyone who loves trees and tree-lore (herbalism as well) but cannot find pagan-oriented books that deviate away from European lore.


Sticks, Stones, Roots & Bones: Hoodoo, Mojo & Conjuring with Herbs by: Stephanie Rose Bird

If you are looking for insight into African American herbalism, please, I implore you, choose this book over Denis Alvarado’s “Hoodoo Voodoo Spellbook”. While I will be giving a review on that book later, I will tell you here that it is a prime example of cultural appropriation and white washing of Hoodoo in the current Pagan community. Stephanie Rose Bird’s book, however, presents Hoodoo as not as some mass of formulas and recipes for Mojo hands, but instead, she presents it as it really is-a diverse system of African American spiritual herbalism that can be used to enrich your life, connect with the Earth, honor the ancestors, and empower yourself. Highly recommended.


Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet: Indian Traditions in Beauty and Health by  Sharada Dwivedi and  Shalini Devi Holkar

While not necessarily a “pagan” book, I found this book to be a wonderful source of Indian lore in regards to beauty rituals. A good read for anyone looking for homemade and traditional beauty recipes.


An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica by: Jing-Nuan Wu

This is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to study Chinese medicine and herbalism. A very accurate source, it’s intricately detailed and meticulously drawn.


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