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Features on My Blog!

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Hey guys!

I was thinking of some little segment I could do in order to put more Pagan content on my blog, so I figured that I would have a few features that I would create.  Book reviews are a big one- i wanted to give my honest opinion about various Pagan books and recommend them in depth so that others can make a reasonable choice as to whether or not they would purchase them. On the list are Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences, Llewellyn’s Complete Formulary of Magical Oils, and Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch.

I also wanted to have a section on herbalism, where I would talk about various herbs and weeds, foraging, sustainability, gardening, and the like. I have quite a few books on herbalism and foraging, so I figured I would share them with everyone. Source(s) will be cited, of course, so you know I am not pulling things from out of my arse.



Scribd is Copyright Infringement Central

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In case there are those who do not not no what Scribd is, it is a website where users may upload almost any document, book, or text. Users can decide on whether or not other users can download the content or simply read online. 

If I type in “Wicca” on Scribd, I will get every book by Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland. Seriously. Free to download to the masses. While Scribd’s policy dictates that a user may only publish they’re own content, obviously, like Frostwire, many users do not. 

I, by the way, am no exception to the rule.

Once the website takes down a page (usually after an author complains- A Witch’s Beverages and Brews by Patricia Telesco was only recently taken down after weeks or months of being up- the site has an automatic scanner that can tell if one banned document is being uploaded again, and will be removed. Too many copyright infringements will lead to banning of the website.

Copyright infringement aside, it’s a great website to find material, especially old documents and books. Some users take entire websites and turn them into pdf’s so that others can have and read them offline.

I would recommend Scribd, but recently its started to really cater to publishers (maybe to make up for all the pirated books it’s users have uploaded?), and that means tons and tons of advertisements. It’s sad actually. I recommend checking the site out for yourself. What do you think about it?

Double Standards: It Has to Stop

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How many of you are sick of double standards? You know, those unspoken, societal “rules” that insist that it’s okay for one person to do one thing, but not the other? Well today we are going to talk about the double standard in relation to women and men.

Real men don’t cry! Man up!

You haven’t had a man in  along time: it’s time for you to settle down and have some kids! Be a mom!

That Jeremy dude was suck a skeez- he asked to see up my skirt-really!-so I slapped the shit out of him!

Girls shouldn’t poop or fart.

Sound familiar?

The most frustrating thing about gender roles is that if one deviates outside of them, they become subject to ridicule as they do not fit the traditional norm. Why can’t a man show emotion? Why can’t a man decide he’s not interested in sexual relationships, even for a moment, and not get flack? Why is it unacceptable in society for women to have multiple sex partners? And why is it “okay” to hit men, but not women?

The answer: it’s not.

Instead of focusing on the gender, we should be focusing on human beings as a whole.  You should hold the door open not because she’s a woman, but because it’s fucking common courtesy to hold the door open for the person behind you so that it doesn’t swing closed in their face.  Men should be allowed to show emotion-because, um,-their human beings, and whether they admit it or not, they often have intense emotions that do not go expressed because of seeming “weak” or “unmanly”.

Let’s get this straight, ladies- simply because he’s a man does NOT give you a right to hit him or harm him. Do you understand? Contrary to the media, to movies, to books, where women often go slapping around pigs, throwing shoes and plates at them- it is another UNACCEPTABLE double standard.

NO ONE has a right to put their hands on ANYONE, and anyone who does should expect a hit back, man or woman. I dont adhere to gender roles that say that women are delicate flowers so you shouldn’t go around hitting them- you shouldn’t go around slapping ANYBODY and expect not to get hit back. Period.

Men should not have to take women slapping them around, and usually, when men are subject to domestic violence, they often have objects thrown at them instead of being punched, kicked, or hit.  Men are HUMAN, they experience pain whether they will admit it or not, and people need to show some respect- no matter how angry you are, you don’t get a chance to go slapping people whenever you feel like it.

Women don’t poop or fart? Women are human. We have bacteria that breaks down the food in our bodies and often produces gas a byproduct. This saying comes from the notion that women should look and act attractive and not display any “inappropriate” behavior. It’s bullshit, as I’m sure you understand.

While it seems that men are almost expected to have multiple sexual partners or fantasize about other women, it’s taboo for women to have more than one. Women are taught that sex should be had only when in a committed relationship. We are taught from a young age to honor our “virginity”, while men are almost told to throw the damn thing out at the latest opportunity.

How many words do we have for a “loose” woman, as compared to an equally “loose” man? Slut, whore,  Jezabel. All insults. Look at the common ones for men- playa’ stallion, ect.- almost compliments.

Women are human beings,  and if someone desires to have multiple sexual partners, they have the right, because what goes on on the bedroom should be no one else’s concern.

Well, I’m worn out for the morning- I’ll probably post later. Let my angry words seep into your brain for the rest of the morning.

On another note- when I meant that women are not delicate flowers so you shouldn’t go around slapping them, I meant that I believe women and men should be equal, and if someone puts their hands on anyone, they should not expect to get away with it. I’m not advocating abuse of any kind here.


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…loved having her belly rubbed. My sweet and gentle Manx cat, with a love for jumping up on my shoulder.

My Sacred Plant

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My Sacred Plant

The plant who resonates close to my heart- Morning Glory. Each year, her delicate stems twine their way upwards, towards the sky, gently using her brothers and sisters for support. In the morning, her beautiful blue flowers great the morning, shining with dew, her leaves soft and downy as fur.
Toxic and beautiful, she fills my heart with joy- I am so happy to have her in my world.

I No Longer Believe in the Gods

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For four years of my life, I practiced magic, celebrated the changes of the seasons, and worshipped the Goddess, Mother of All Life.


And now I am at a point where I am doubting Her existence.

I’ve seen a lot in my life, experienced a lot in my life. I know how it feels to go hungry, and so even today I understand the importance, the scarcity, the sacredness of food. I know how it feels to eat every meal as if it were your last. I know how it feels to be grateful for a heaping bowl or oatmeal in the morning and a bowl of rice for lunch. 

I know how it feels to look at the news in the morning and to feel like your living in the Matrix. To feel that you no longer wish to live in such a world filled brimming with evil, where the good are slaughtered in their sleep , the Earth itself bleeding red.

I know how it feel to try to end your life, because there was no other way.

I know how it feels to tiptoe around your own house, silent as mice nesting in the walls, for fear of committing some unknown breach in protocol because your father would abuse you.

An yet, despite all these experiences, I continued to have faith in the Goddess. Until one day, I asked myself, “Why?”

Many people say they understand hunger. It’s often not true. True hunger is being hungry and knowing that there is no way for you to get food. It’s knowing that the fridge is empty and you used all the rest to get gas to go to work.  

If there is a benevolent Goddess, where was she when my father screamed at me for leaving a soda can on the counter? When he hit my mother over and over again? Protectress of Women, where was She then?

Where was she when i ran out of rice and had to eat oatmeal three times a day? 

Where was she when I overdosed on my depression medication and was in the hospital?

Where was she when I cut my skin over and over, leaving thick scars and gashes that decorate my arms and legs like tiger stripes?

Was she there when I offered her cakes and herbs? When I dedicated by garden to serving nature, planting beneficial herbs and flowers for the bees and birds?

Was she there whenever I freed and insect from my home, understanding the value of it’s tiny life?

Where the fuck was she? Because I’m not sure a benevolent, kind Goddess would sit back and let me hurt so much, while so many other people lived fat and happy?

So I turned by back on her.

I erased the rituals from my mind. 

No more will  pray in the morning and light pungent incense for her: myrrh, frankincense, dragon’s blood. No more will I make sweet cakes and leave them as offering on the alter.

No more will I trim fresh flowers, as beautiful as jewels, on the alter in honor of her.

No more.

And, Goddess, if you exist.

Then where the fuck were you?

I Am Not Wiccan: Please Stop Forcing Your Three-Fold Law on Me

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Time and time again, I have read a book, an article, a website, that ushers me to heed the Three Fold Law. As a non-Wiccan pagan, I am honestly sick of yet ANOTHER religion forcing it’s beliefs on me.

“Force, you say? No member of the Pagan community would ever force their opinions or beliefs on you! And yet it happens every time I read a book, regardless of if the subject at hand is Wiccan or not. The Hoodoo Voodoo Spellbook for example, which by all means should be a book on Hoodoo and have relativly little to do with Wicca, ensures me that I should remember the Three Fold Law- everything that is sent into the universe comes back to you Three-Fold.

I.Am.Not.Wiccan. I do not believe in the Three-Fold law. I have gone through a lot of various experiences in my life, and I simply cannot believe that such a thing exists. You may say that those suffering now may be so because of a past life and they are now reincarnating in order to learn lessons . That is what you believe, and does not necessarily translate into fact. For a wonderful example, lets look at the Christianity and Hell- how many Christians believe in hell, and assure various peoples of all races and and religions that they are destined for that burning hole beneath the Earth? As a Pagan, you would say “That’s your belief, stop forcing it on others”

“That’s your belief, stop forcing it on others”

Yes, I practice hexes and curses within my own wisdom. It is not for someone else to try to dictate to me my own spiritual path and how to live it. Your beliefs do not trump mine, and neither do your opinions override my own wisdom. Please practice what you preach, and stop forcing your beliefs on me. Have a nice day.